April 29, 2017

Central Committee Meeting Minutes

April 29, 2017, Gillette


Chairman Gerard called the meeting to order at 10:10 AM.

Seth Cyr gave the invocation and led the pledge of allegiance.  A motion was made to induct Seth Cyr as an honorary member of the Campbell County Republican Party.  Motion passed. Chairman Gerard mentioned the merits and achievements of Seth.

Roll Call

Roll call for voting purposes: 21 voting members present.


Janet Mader asked for thoughts and prayers for Fran Silvernail as he had a heart attack and the Barlow’s loss of lambs from the winter storm. 

Education Topics

Overview of CCRP – Central Committee – Precinct Persons – presented by Barb Luthy

Campbell County Republican Party consists of all registered republicans in the county. Currently, there are 15k to 16k. Central Committee is the governing body of the CCRP and consists of a total of 86 precinct committeemen and women.  The number of positions is based on the number of votes for U.S. Representative at a ratio of 1 to 250. The Central Committee elects a Chair and Vice Chair and State Committee man & woman. The chair appoints a Secretary and Treasurer – these make up the Executive Committee. The purpose of the Central Committee is to determine policy, make rules and settle disputes.  It also promotes the mission and furthers the interest of the RP.

County – State – RNC Relational Process and Primary vs Caucus Presidential Nomination – presented by Janet Mader.

Wyoming is a presidential primary caucus state.  During a presidential year, the county party calls a caucus for every registered Republican to meet and elect delegates to the county convention.  At the caucus, people can write platforms, resolutions or work on by-laws and elect delegates from each precinct to the county convention.  All business from the caucus moves forward to the county convention where the same process is repeated and refined then sent forward to the state convention.  Also, at the county conventions, half of Wyoming’s counties elect a delegate to the RNC National Convention.  At the state convention, the other half of Wyoming delegates are elected at large to the RNC National Convention.  Wyoming has been a primary caucus state since about 1975. 

Roy Edwards commented from the floor that the feasibility of WY holding a Presidential primary was being evaluated.  The initial estimated cost of holding a primary is about $1M.  If incorporated with the primary, then that election would have to be earlier in the year (before the RNC convention) to make a difference. At the least, CCRP should have a position on this point.  Dave Horning was against a presidential primary.  He felt those that are involved get to make the rules.

Chairman’s Report

The chairman recognized the Campbell County Republican Women that were present and thanked them for their work and involvement with the Pink Elephant Ball.

The chairman shared his vision and goals for his upcoming term:

  • Increase
    • Visibility in Campbell County
    • Membership in CCRP
    • Participation in party activities and committees
  • Define our core beliefs
  • Advocate for legislation and action by our elected officials that is consistent with our beliefs
  • Improve communication with our party members and our elected officials
  • Educate the central committee, the party and the public about what we believe, who we are and what we want to see achieved


How these would be accomplished:

  • Establish a website
    • Improve social media experience
    • Coordinate communication through site
  • Monthly Central Committee Meetings
    • Affords us the time to speak on current issues
    • Bring in speakers
    • Issue advocacy
    • Debates
    • Education on functions of government
  • Establish committees to do the business of the party
    • Fund Raising Committee
    • Training and Education Committee
    • Platform, Bylaws and Resolutions Committee
    • Platform Success Working Group


A motion was made and seconded to establish the following committees:

  • Fund Raising Committee  - chair Vicki Kissack
  • Training and Education Committee – chairs Barb Luthy & Janet Mader
  • Platforms, Resolutions and Bylaws Committee – chair Dave Horning
  • Platform Success Working Group – chair Doug Gerard


Each chair discussed the mission statement, structure and function, and duties of their respective committee.  These committee descriptions are included as additional information.

New Business

A question from the floor – will platforms and resolutions be allowed to be brought forth from the floor?  Dave Horning assured that would be possible and gave further explanation of that process.

Dr. Hallinan made a motion to pass a resolution against the county school board suing the state. The motion was seconded by Ed Rebich. A lively discussion ensued.  Rep. Scott Clem gave a short history of the school funding issues and previous lawsuits.

Dave Horning moved to table the motion. John Howard seconded.  Motion failed.

There was more discussion.  It was also noted that this meeting was not advertised as a voting meeting. Also, there was no representation from the school board to voice a dissenting opinion. Chairman Gerard stated that the meeting was advertised as a Central Committee meeting, which means that it is going to do the business of the party. A voice vote was taken and then by show of hands.  Motion passed 14 yes 5 nay.

It was then moved that the chairman invite the members of the school board and the superintendent to the next meeting on May 25th.  Motion passed.

Closing Comments

The chairman encouraged interested parties to sign up for a committee.

The next meeting will be Thursday, May 25th at the Arbuckle.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:00 PM.


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