August 26, 2017 Central Committee Meeting Minutes

Central Committee Meeting Minutes
August 26, 2017 - Campbell County Public Library

Chairman Doug Gerard called the meeting to order.

Joe Kissack opened in prayer.

Diane Solomon led the pledge to the American flag.

Roll Call

Roll call for voting purposes: 11 members were present, 2 members arrived later. We had 5 guests.

Previous Minutes

Previous minutes were moved for approval by Diane Solomon and 2nd by Janet Mader.

'State Budget Crisis' Speakers

 ‘State Budget Crisis’ Guest speakers were Representative Mike Madden, Senator Ogden Driskill, Senator Jeff Wasserburger.

Senator Driskill’s comments

The state budget is back at least 10 years. Further cuts will now be actual positions. There is an $800 million shortfall. There are 3 options; can cut, can tax, or can spend savings. The education budget is not balanced and will not be. It is not a rosy picture. Wyoming economy has not recovered, coal has stabilized, oil has not. Once Capital Gains is spent, it is gone. There will be cuts and they will hurt.

Wyoming has most school employees per capita. 70% of graduates not ready to enter UW. What we do on the inside is more important. Schools can withstand more cuts.
Run for local boards.

Representative Madden’s comments

Management Council gives direction to ten committees. He is chairman of the Revenue Committee. This committee is charged to bring bills to committee then to the Legislature. They have a motion to request bill preparation for the November & December meetings. At the December meeting, the bills will be put in a ‘pecking’ order. Committee members might not support bills brought up. Not all items on the table will make it. Legislative members are tasked with presenting and passing. Wyoming’s new normal is that we cannot depend on another mineral boom. Looking for ways to fill up the gaps. 

There is a big hole in Education Foundation funding. People who don’t use schools pay 80% of the funding. People who use schools pay 20%. Look at who is paying and who is getting. If you are not paying. You do not pay attention. Need a stable funding for education. School deficit is a biennium deficit.

Wyoming does have more government employees per capita than other states.

Senator Wasserburger’s comments

Talked about Campbell decision, Campbell 2, Campbell 3, Campbell 4 and there would be another lawsuit. Also, discussed the recalibration committee study. 3 things in the budget; cap what cities & counties receive, major maintenance for schools., school’s capital construction. Our economic forecast will not get better as opposed to coal rises and green energy takes a higher percentage of electricity. Cannot wait for the next boom.

Chairman's Comments

August 11th BBQ was a success: Approximately $2500 was raised on an approximate attendance of 75 people.

August 12th State Central Committee Meeting was successful also. Campbell County is the first county to pay its state shares.

We now have front row seating at the April 18-21, 2018 state convention in Laramie, hosted by Albany County.

State Chairman Ryan McMulholland’s resignation is effective Aug 31st. He took a new job out of state. Vice-Chair Frank Eathorne will become the new State Chairman.

There was no new business.

Amity Kissack moved the meeting be adjourned at 12 noon. Diane Solomon seconded

Janet Mader wrote minutes in absence of Secretary Barb Luthy.


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