Central Committee Meeting Minutes - January 25, 2018

Central Committee Meeting - Thursday, 25 January 2018 - City Hall Conference Room

6:00 Blessing and Pledge of Allegiance

Chairman Gerard Welcomed everyone

Roll call - 38 Precinct persons and 2 by proxy.

Fund Raising Committee Report - Vice-Chairman Kissack gave a brief update on the Pink Elephant Ball.

Chairman Gerard talked about a by-law amendment that he would like to see happen. 

Chairman Gerard led a Central Committee Member training.

New business

The following were voted on:

- Standing rule for the handling of resolutions- Passed
- Stand your ground resolution- Passed
- Resol. to require partisan voter registration prior to the commencement of the primary election candidate filing period - Passed
- Resolution to allow political parties to directly select replacements to vacated elected offices and establish the duties and
management of its committee members - Failed
- Resolution pertaining to sexual orientation and gender identification - Passed

8:45 Adjournment

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