Central Committee Meeting Minutes - September 28, 2017

Central Committee Meeting Minutes - September 28, 2017

Campbell County Public Library, Gillette, WY

Chairman Gerard called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM

Meeting was opened with prayer and pledge.

 Roll Call

Roll call for voting purposes: 31 voting members present and 3 proxies for a total of 34.


Minutes of Central Committee Meeting August 26, 2017 were approved with no corrections on a motion from Jeff Raney and second from Diane Solomon and passed on a voice vote.

Chairman’s Report

Chairman Gerard commented that three resolutions were passed at the August State Central Committee meeting and were available on the WyoGOP website. http://www.wyoming.gop/resolutions_2017_2018


*Gross Receipts Tax

*Against Tax Increase

 Guest Speaker

Jillian Balow – Superintendent of Public Instruction

Old Business - none

 New Business

Welcome new precinct people – Tex Adams (14-2), Steve & Linda Bricker (18-1).

Recognition was given to Janet Mader, Roy Edwards and Amity Kissack for 100% attendance.

Gayle Cooper & Mary Horning – for Republican Women’s.


Jeff Raney moved to pass the following resolution:

WHEREAS the Wyoming Republican Party has passed a resolution calling upon the State Legislature and the Governor to practice fiscal restraint, rein in spending and cut unnecessary budget items rather than increasing revenue streams;

Be it resolved that the Campbell County Republican Party does not support any new taxes or tax increases on the November 7, 2017 ballot.

Cathy Raney seconded the motion.  Motion passed by voice vote.

Amity Kissack motioned for the local party to submit a letter to the editor from the chairman that the Campbell County Republican Party does not support the .25% sales tax.

Jeff Raney seconded the motion.  Discussion was held. Motion passed by voice vote.

Closing Comments - none

Meeting was adjourned at 8:30 PM.


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