Defining Bill Acronyms

Analyzing Acronyms!

I have found bill acronyms are hard to understand without some kind of decoding tool!

Here is a quick reference tool for you!

Frequently Used:

HB- House Bill

SF - Senate File

Numbers HB or SF=Bill number

Enrolled Act = Approved by Legislature and signed by Governor

Died = The bill was never introduced for committee assignment or was never considered  and voted upon, effectively killing the bill.

Failed = The bill was voted upon in committee and/or by the entire chamber, but did not get the majority vote of the elected needed to pass.

CoW = Committee of the Whole, where a bill is debated by the entire House or Senate body.

Concur = Concurrence means approval of bill amendments added by the opposite chamber.

Conference Committee = Select # of Representatives and Senators meet to agree on amendments on a particular bill. Each chamber then must vote separately to approve any changes made in the conf. committee. If each chamber agree by majority vote of the elected, the bill passes and goes to Governor for his signature. 

Now lets get to work! 

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