July 27, 2017 Central Committee Meeting Minutes

Central Committee Meeting Minutes
July 27, 2017 - Arbuckle Lodge, Gillette

Chairman Gerard called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM

Guest Luke Koloski led the pledge of allegiance, and Frank Eathorne gave the invocation.

Roll Call

Roll call for voting purposes: 23 voting members present. Also present was Frank Eathorne, President, Independent Cattlemen of Wyoming “ICOW.”

Special thanks were given to Rusty Bell and Clark Kissack for their donations of rifles for the auction at the Liberty BBQ.


Minutes of Central Committee Meeting June 24, 2017, were approved with no corrections on a motion from Bob Hollander and second from Amity Kissack and passed on a voice vote.

Committee Reports

Fund Raising Committee – Vicki Kissack

The upcoming event Friday evening Liberty BBQ for the State Central Committee Meeting August 11th & 12th hosted by CCRP. Tickets are $40. Auction items donated – rifles from Rusty Bell and Clark Kissack; Afghan from Pat Collins, “patriot” purse by Diane Solomon and “Night On The Town” by Laura Spooner

Training & Education Committee – Barb Luthy

Status of precinct committee positions: 3 more appointees were approved at the executive committee meeting held July 17th, 2017 – Michael & Linda Shober and Robert Hollander. There are 27 vacant positions.

Platform, Resolutions and Bylaws Committee – Dave Horning

The committee meets regularly on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. They will begin reviewing the platforms by categories and then the resolutions.

Chairman’s Report

Chairman Gerard asked everyone to keep Jeff & Cathy Raney and their daughter in their thoughts and prayers.
Chairman Gerard reiterated the need for volunteers to man the booth at the county fair, attendance and donations at the August 11th BBQ. Speaker will be Jim Manley from the Goldwater Group. Participation in the various committees is always welcome.

Guest Speaker

Frank Eathorne - Independent Cattlemen of Wyoming (ICOW)
One issue presented by Mr. Eathorne is the monopolization and control of the cattle industry by an organization called Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef. Implementation includes: 1) required full chain traceability, 2) required third party verification, and 3) continuous improvement. ICOW is hosting meetings around the state. They have been effective in preventing USDA electronic tags from becoming the Wyoming ID system.

Old Business

Online petition regarding a state income tax received 200 comments within an hour. Another tool for keeping up to date is Vote Spotter.
Vice Chair Vicki Kissack reported that a request for public records regarding the salary of the Superintendent of Campbell County Schools and money spent on sending school district employees to Cheyenne for lobbying purposes has been submitted. As of yet, no comment has been received.

New Business

Dr. Timothy Hallinan, a Republican representative, and precinct committeeman presented information regarding his proposed solution to solve the immediate revenue problems of Wyoming. His proposal is to amend the state constitution to divert mineral revenue from the Common School Fund to the School Foundation Program for a period not to exceed six years.

A resolution was drafted and proposed by the Executive Committee of the CCRP. The proposed resolution is included in the minutes. Vicki Kissack moved to accept the resolution. Dr. Becker seconded the motion. Arguments for and against were presented. The motion failed by voice vote.

A motion was made to pay the state shares at the Liberty BBQ on August 11th. It was moved by Dave Hollander and seconded by Rod Mathis. Motion passed.

Closing Comments

The next meeting will be Saturday, August 26th 10:00 AM at the public library. The chairs of the Appropriations and Revenue Committees are invited to speak.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM.

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