June 24, 2017 Central Committee Minutes

Central Committee Meeting Minutes

June 24, 2017, Gillette

Chairman Gerard called the meeting to order at 10:00 AM

Roll Call

Roll call for voting purposes: 21 voting members present of whom 1 was by proxy. Also present was Economist Sven Larson from Prosperity For Wyoming.


Minutes of Central Committee Meeting May 25, 2017 were approved with no corrections on a motion from Jeff Raney and second from Darren Lynde and passed on a voice vote.

Committee Reports

Fund Raising Committee – Vicki Kissack

Upcoming events that the committee is working on are 4th of July parade, Friday evening BBQ for the State Central Committee Meeting August 11th & 12th

Training & Education Committee – Barb Luthy

Status of precinct committee positions: 7 more appointees were approved at the executive committee meeting held May 25th, 2017 at 9 AM.  There are 29 vacant positions.  Janet Mader provided a list House, Senate, and Wards as they relate to each precinct. 

Platform, Resolutions and Bylaws Committee – Dave Horning

The committee developed a proposed resolution on Gross Receipts Taxes. 

Chairman’s Report

Next CCRP Central Committee meeting is Thursday, July 27th, 7 pm at Arbuckle Lodge.  Guest speaker is Frank Eathorne, President Independent Cattlemen of Wyoming (ICOW). Chairman Gerard introduced Ryley Constable, Organizing Committee Chair of the Campbell County Teenage Republicans.  Riley discussed the objectives of the start-up club.  Chairman Gerard reiterated the need for volunteers, donations, and attendance at the August 11th BBQ.  Speaker will be Jim Manley from the Goldwater Group. 

Guest Speaker

 Prosperity For Wyoming – Economist Sven Larson

Dr. Larson described economic issues and solutions for Wyoming.  A handout was available summarizing his main points.    

Old Business

Vice Chair Vicki Kissack addressed questions raised at the May 25th Committee meeting regarding the salary of the Superintendent of Campbell County Schools and money spent on sending school district employees to Cheyenne for lobbying purposes. She will get with Dave Horning on how to submit a valid request for information to the school board. 

New Business

A motion to Incorporate the Campbell County Republican Party was moved and passed by voice vote. 

A Resolution of the CCRP Central Committee Regarding Gross Receipts Tax was presented by handout. It was moved by Jeff Raney and seconded by Darren Lynde. It was amended to add “and the Joint Interim Revenue Committee of the Wyoming Legislature” in the 2nd to the last statement.  Amendment was moved by Scott Clem and seconded by Amity Kissack and passed by voice vote. The resolution was approved as amended by voice vote.  The Resolution as amended is included in at the end of these minutes. 

Darren Lynde moved that the Chairman send a letter to the News Record and to the Campbell County legislators and the Joint Interim Revenue Committee.  Jeff Raney seconded. Motion passed. 

Jeff Raney moved to pass a resolution for No New Taxes.  It was suggested to work with the PBR committee to draft a resolution.  Mr. Raney accepted the suggestion, withdrawing his motion.           

Closing Comments

The next meeting will be Saturday, July 25th 7:00 PM at the Arbuckle Lodge.

Meeting was adjourned at 12:00 PM.

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