May 25, 2017

Central Committee Meeting Minutes

May 25, 2017, Gillette

Chairman Gerard called the meeting to order at 7:08 PM 

Jeff Raney led the pledge of allegiance, and Darren Lynde gave the invocation.

Roll Call

Roll call for voting purposes: 14 voting members present. Also present were Rusty and Toni Bell, Ken Clouston, Beth Goodnough – Western Fuels Association and Jon Halverson and Chase Gray from Hunting with Heroes.


A plaque was presented to Chris Smith in recognition of exemplary service as chairman of the Campbell County Republican Party 2013-2017.

Minutes of Central Committee Meeting April 29, 2017, were approved with no corrections on a motion from Tim Hallinan and second from Chris Smith and passed on a voice vote.

Committee Reports

Fund Raising Committee - Laura Spooner

Some of the upcoming events that the committee is working on are: fall fundraiser, 4th of July parade, social event in Wright. Fundraising envelopes now available. Can also donate on the website.

Training & Education Committee – Barb Luthy

Status of precinct committee positions: results of election – 27 elected, 43 write-ins and 16 vacant.  24 of mostly write-ins have been removed by declination or non-contact. Three have been appointed.  Currently, have 36 vacant positions.

Platform, Resolutions and Bylaws Committee – Ed Rebich

Working on preparations for County Convention and incorporating “code of the west” into the platform.

Guest Reports

Hunting with Heroes – Jon Halverson & Chase Gray

Jon explained the organization was started to honor our vets by taking disabled vets hunting. You can help through donations of money, hunting tags and or land.

Support Dry Fork Mine – Beth Goodnough, Western Fuels Association

Beth gave a presentation on changes to permitting process that are detrimental to the local coal industry. Public comment to the Office of Surface Mining would be helpful. A sample letter was handed out.    

Discussion of School Board Resolution and CCRP Resolution

Dr. Hallinan summarized last month’s school board resolution and the CCRP resolution. He presented the financial state of the state.

Toni Bell, School Board Trustee, spoke to her reasons why she voted for the School Board Resolution.  She also went on to explain problems with the regulations that govern school funding and recapture calculation.

Roy Edwards discussed the potential of the state legislature passing a gross receipts tax bill and how that would be devastating to the economy of Wyoming.

New Business

Handout presented a Resolution of the CCRP Central Committee Regarding Signature Authority on Depository Account. It was moved by Jeff Raney and seconded by Darren Lynde and passed by voice vote.

Closing Comments

 The next meeting will be Saturday, June 24th 10:00 AM at the Public Library.

 Meeting was adjourned at 9:15 PM.


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