Questions for Superintendent of Public Instruction

Wyoming's Superintendent of Public Instruction is coming to Gillette to speak about the challenges facing education in Wyoming.

The meeting is at the Campbell Country Public library at 7 pm on Thursday, September the Campbell County Public Library at 7 pm.

Education will be a hot topic especially with the future budget uncertainty having many concerned

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What alternatives are you looking at to improve student performance?

The amount of spending per student in Wyoming has been increasing while the student performance rates have been falling. Is it time to admit that more government spending is not the answer to improving the education system and start to look at alternatives like vouchers?

Are high schools getting the job done?

Various sources say that 40-70% of Wyoming college-bound high school graduates require remedial math and/or reading courses.  Even at the lowest 40% estimate, it is a frightening figure. 

What is happening? How can it be fixed?


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